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PULSAR IMP 80 Ultrasonic Level Measurement

ABB MagMaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter

ABB ACS 800 Drive

ABB PST Softstarter

AMCO 20 Oil Meter


Pulsar IMP 80

The Imp 80 is an advanced ultrasonic level system packaged in a simple integral NEMA4X mold. It offers both 2-wire and 3-wire power configurations, 2 SPDT relays, 4-20mA and 0-10V analog outputs, 1 RS-232 communication port and a LCD display. This all-in-one design is priced lower than our competitors and performs better than their smartest unit!

ABB MagMaster

ABB MagMaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter

MagMaster is suitable for all applications found in the water industry from potable to waste water treatment. MagMaster�s IP 68 rating and two year warranty permits the sensor to be buried, this eliminates the need for meter pits or chambers and so reduces installation costs. Wide flow range and class-leading accuracy improves control and quality of water distribution networks and water treatment works. CalMaster compatible, routine calibration verification to comply with regulatory requirements can be achieved without removing the sensor from service.


Pedestal for ABB ACS 800 Drive

ABB ACS 800 Drive

New drives pack big punch in small, narrow package
These new drives are 50 percent smaller than previous ABB drives of equal horsepower � and they are the narrowest in the industry.
�This is a drive that�s perfect for the OEM or industrial customer that needs a lot of precise motor control, and needs it to be easy to set up and use that control,� said John Tisdale, sales manager for the ACS 800. �Features like the interactive Intelligent Start-up Assistant and Adaptive Programming, which is software built in as standard tools, means, literally, that the start up and tuning of a this drive can be accomplished faster than ever before.�



New Softstarter range from ABB

The PST Softstarter

The new PST Softstarter - that speaks 11 languages - is now available for sales world-wide. Designed for motor currents from 30 to 1050 A, they complement the existing PSS softstarters introduced in 1999. The PST range incorporates a number of advanced features including fieldbus communication and advanced motor protection. Their main function is to control AC motors to ensure smooth starting by reducing the starting current and eliminating current spikes.



AMCO 20 Oil Meters


This AMCO line of high precision oscillating piston oil flow meters covers a range of flows from 2.6 to 800 GPH. These meters are capable of handling a wide viscosity range including light and medium heating oil, diesel, and even heavy heating oil (meters 3/4" and 1"). Accuracy is �1% throughout the operating flow range for each meter. Each meter is tested with #2 oil at 70�F to verify the accuracy.


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